How To Become A Lost One

1.  Sponsorship

Those wishing to pursue membership must first and foremost be sponsored by a current member in good standing. Member should know the applicant and be able to vouch for their character and suitability for membership. In the event an individual seeking membership is unknown to anyone in the club, he/she will be assigned to the Sgt At Arms as the sponsor.

2.  prospective membership

After securing a sponsor, he/she will be presented to the membership by said sponsor during a club meeting, at which time the sponsor will state their support for him/her as a prospective member. At this time the sponsor will also submit the official application to the Sgt At Arms, and the applicant fee to the Treasurer.

3.  Acceptance for Membership

Upon completion of the membership requirements, the sponsor will propose acceptance of the prospect for membership during a club meeting. The prospect will be asked to leave the room at which time a vote for membership will be called by the Sgt At Arms. Upon acceptance for membership, the new member will be given his/her name and issued his/her colors.